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What is heritage?

In this programme, the Cultural Heritage Agency is developing frameworks and instruments to catalogue and evaluate the immovable heritage.

The definition of heritage is dynamic, changing both over time and as the public’s appreciation changes. As a result, frameworks and methods of evaluation cannot remain static.

The Agency also operates in a dynamic setting. Our partners have their own role in cataloguing and evaluating the heritage. What does this mean for the Agency, and what should our role be? Should we concern ourselves with every new and unfamiliar category of heritage, such as the military heritage, or the recent heritage?

We also face a number of knowledge gaps concerning the heritage resource. We do not for example know how many church interiors or interiors from the post-war reconstruction period have remained preserved. Since caring for the heritage starts with knowing what we have, we must tackle these gaps, and get the basic facts in order.

Outlines of the programme

  • Current and future cataloguing and evaluation, and the Agency’s role in this.
  • New or unfamiliar categories of heritage.
  • Basic facts in order: knowledge gaps.
  • Methods, techniques and tools for the heritage sector.

Programme manager

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