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Value and evaluation

The Cultural Heritage Agency preserves and raises awareness of the significance of the cultural heritage because society values this heritage. ‘Value’ has therefore been chosen as an umbrella theme for the our movable research programme.

Value and evaluation is also one of the five separate themes. In this programme, we focus on the complicated process of value attribution. One of the objectives is to raise awareness of the importance of value and evaluation among the various players in the heritage field: owners, managers, policymakers, directors and funding organisations.

In addition, the programme aims to develop methods and techniques for the evaluation of the heritage. Value must be explained clearly if we are to make well-considered decisions and create support for preservation. All research within the programme is carried out on the basis of case studies.

We prefer to focus on the study of new, contentious, unknown or threatened heritage because the value of this type of heritage is more often the subject of debate, making the need for objective evaluation criteria greater.

Programme manager

Tessa Luger: