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Items from the showroom collection are loaned at a fixed rate.

Rates for long-term loans
Large items of furniture and modern art€ 900
Old paintings€ 1700
Small items of furniture  € 450
Works on paper€ 200
Small sculpture€ 200
Display case itemsprice on request
Ensemble items (dinner services etc.)  price on request

The rate for exhibitions is € 80 per item, irrespective of type.

There is an additional charge for the costs of transport, any framing required, packaging and installation. The income is used to expand the collection.

Items from other parts of the collection can also be loaned. There are no fixed rates for these items, as they are based on the costs of restoration.

Advice of curators

The recommendations of a curator are often needed when making a selection from a large collection. Curators can provide museums with initial recommendations in the form of a quote.

  • for 1 to 5 items, initial quote for 4 hours at € 120/hour
  • for more than 5 items, 8 hours at € 120/hour
  • for work performed over and above the initial quote, the hours actually worked are charge, at a rate of € 120/hour