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About cultural heritage

Heritage Act 2016

Caring for Heritage. The Cultural Heritage Agency connects policy, knowledge and practice (2015)



Knowledge for Informed Choices (2017)

Farmers, fishers, fowlers, hunters. Knowledge generated by development-led archaeology on the period 2850-1500 BC in the Netherlands (2017)

Four approaches to the analysis of (pre-)Roman Nijmegen (2016)

Excavations-at-dorestad-4-the-settlement-on-the-river-bank-area (2015)

A Mosaic of Habitation at Zeewijk the Netherlands (2014)

A Matter of Life and Death at Mienakker the Netherlands (2013)

The late Roman Cemeteries of Nijmegen (2013)

The Mesolithic cemetery at Mariënberg (NL), a rebuttal to alternative interpretations (2013)

A Kaleidoscope of Gathering at Keinsmerbrug the Netherlands. Late Neolithic Behavioral Variability in a Dynamic Landscape (2012)

Excavations at Dorestad 3 (2009)

Brochure Building Archeological Research (2009)

Guidelines for Building Archeological Research (2009)

Reference Collections Foundation for Future Archaeology (2004)

Buggy Biz: integrated pest management in collections (2003)



The Portugese Synagogue in Amsterdam (2013)

Brochure Building Archaeological Research (2009)

Guidelines for Building Archaeological Research (2009)

A future for Mills (2012)



National research agenda for the museum sector (2015)

Assessing Museum Collections (2014)

Issues in Contemporary Oil Paint (2014)

Knowledge for Collections website (2013)

Inside out Victory Boogie Woogie (2012)

Inside Installations. Theory an Practice in the Care of Complex Artworks (2011)

PUR Facts. Conservation of Polyurethane Foam in Art and Design (2011)

Netherlands guidelines for deaccessioning of museum objects (2006)

Buggy Biz. Integrated pest management in collections (2003)

Condition rating for paper object with iron-gall ink (2001)

The Solar Tent (2001)

Fluffy stuff. Integrated control of mould in archives (1999)

Iron gall ink website

INCCA | International Network for the Conservation of Contemporary Art website


Maritime archaeology

The Utrecht (1648). A shipwreck of the Dutch admiralty in the Baía de Todos os Santos, Brazil: its history from battle to archaeological assessmentt (2016)

Guidelines to the process of underwater archaeological research: Guideline Manual 1 (2015)

Best practices for locating, surveying, assessing, monitoring and preserving underwater archaeological sites: Guideline Manual 2 (2015)

Recognising archaeological finds in aquatic sediments (2013)

A Swedish man-of-war in Dutch waters; an archaeological field evaluation of the wreck of the Sophia Albertina (2012)

Machu project website


Landscapes and Areas

Manual Water, Heritage and Environment (2018)

Farming the historic landscape (2017)

Manual Energy, Heritage & Environment (2017)

Heritage as an aspect of the Common Agricultural Policy 2015

Atlas of the Dutch Urban Landscape, A Millennium of Spatial Development (2015)

Attract and connect population decline and the heritage in Europe (2014)

Man-made lowlands. A future for ancient dykes in the Netherlands (2014)

Schokland UNESCO World Heritage site 3rd monitoring round (2013)

Cultural heritage atlas Lefortovo park (2013) Russian publication


Shared cultural heritage

Risk Management for Collections (2017)

Shared Heritage in Museums in South Africa (2017)

Reinventing Souls of Heritage Buildings (2017)

Shared Cultural Heritage of the United States and the Netherlands (2017)

Digging4Data. Bagaimana meneliti lingkungan terbangun di Indonesia, 1620-1950 (2017)

Shared Cultural Heritage of the United States and the Netherlands (2017)

Under the Volcano: future perspectives of Ternates Historical Urban Landscape (2016)

Boemerang Magazin. Australia-the Netherlands 400 years (2016)

Shared Cultural Heritage of the Netherlands and Japan (2015)

Probolinggo Mission preserved City in Development (2015)

'Mapping' Westfort Village at Pretoria Tshwane (2015)

Public Interest Private Initiative (2015)

Identification Mission Historical Rolling Stock Indonesia (2015)

Public and Private Roles in Historical Inner City Revitalization (2015)

Shared Heritage Joint Future (2014)

Heritage as an Asset for Inner City Development (2014)

Collecting and Connecting. Historical Data for Inner City Development in Indonesia (2014)


Digital Infrastructure

Connected content connected organisations (2014)