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Public authorities

As a result of the devolvement of responsibility for the care of monuments and historic buildings – a process that began in the late twentieth century – provincial authorities, water boards and, above all, local authorities have come to play a leading role in heritage management in the Netherlands. Since that time, the Cultural Hertiage Agency has focused on helping other authorities implement their heritage policy.

Dutch landscape.

Zoning plans

The Agency has developed a digital guide for local authorities to help their staff plan spatial developments. The modernisation of heritage management has meant that local authority zoning plans now have to take account of important cultural heritage sites. The guide contains practical step-by-step plans, examples of best practice and a whole range of tips.


The Agency advises local authorities on permits for major building work affecting listed buildings or sites, including demolition, reconstruction or changes of function. We also advise on important and costly restoration projects.

New developments

When providing advice, we constantly consider how we should assess new developments. What is the scope for transforming monuments and historic buildings? It is therefore important that our consultants are involved in research projects and continuing education.

We advise on urgent practical issues such as loss of function, redevelopment, regeneration, tourist and recreational use, access and participation, safety and sustainability.