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Historic buildings, archaeology, landscapes, art: every area of the Cultural Heritage Agency’s work has its own history, and therefore its own legislation and policy.

In recent years, these disciplines have been brought closer together, in terms of both policy and practice. The ultimate goal is to achieve an integrated approach, by means of a modernisation of heritage management, new policies and approaches on heritage in context and the evaluation of archaeology legislation. New policy is currently being prepared for the state art collection and the museum system.

The Ministry of Education, Culture and Science’s Cultural Heritage Directorate prepares and oversees major policy changes such as these. It is the Agency’s job to put them into practice. In this sense, the Agency’s unique role as the link between policy, research and practice is crucial. The link with practitioners and academics ensures that policy choices are realistic and practicable.

New policy is created in close collaboration with local residents, authorities and businesses, using data obtained from monitoring, policy evaluation and research.