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Objects in context

‘Objects in context’ concentrates on the relationship between the material aspects of objects and people as makers and viewers of objects (the intangible aspects). The objective is to improve the way the public relate to objects.

To this end, the programme will generate information about objects and the context in which they originated or were made. This information affects the value attributed to objects and how they are treated. The Cultural Heritage Agency will generate information on the production of and changes in heritage objects in their artistic, cultural and social context using scientific methods, innovative technologies and networks. In addition, the Agency will develop new strategies for the conservation, restoration, presentation and documentation of the cultural heritage.

These strategies will also be directed at enhancing our knowledge of the relationships between objects and collections, stakeholders (owners, makers, users, researchers, cultural heritage professionals) and the public. The research results from this theme will feed into the research being conducted under the theme of value and evaluation. ‘Objects in context’ will also generate information that benefits the preservation of objects, just as the theme of risk management does, despite the different wording and perspective.

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