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Dutch-Australian Underwater Cultural Heritage Initiatives

20 March 2018

The Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Canberra welcomes project proposals for initiatives in the field of Dutch-Australian underwater cultural heritage to be initiated in 2018.

Russian heritage professionals trained in Rotterdam

26 September 2017

From 18 to 29 September the Course on Urban Heritage Strategies for Russian professionals is held in Rotterdam. Central topic of this short course is the sustainable regeneration of historical inner cities, and it covers themes like heritage management, public private partnerships, local economics, gentrification, community participation and adaptive reuse. The participants will present their final findings at the Erasmus Pavilion on Friday afternoon 29 September from 14:30 hrs.

Dutch and British archaeologists to excavate 300 year old shipwreck before it is destroyed by the sea

21 April 2017

Archaeologists will research and partially excavate the Dutch East Indiaman the Rooswijk this summer. The ship was on its way to the Indies with valuable cargo on board when the ship sank on the Goodwin Sands in Kent in January 1740. The wreck is threatened by natural conditions such as currents and shifting sands and an exploratory study of the wreck last year has made the need for excavation even more urgent.

Farmers, fishers, fowlers, hunters. New archeological report.

2 March 2017

Knowledge generated by development-led archaeology about the Late Neolithic, the Early Bronze Age and the start of the Middle Bronze Age (2850-1500 cal BC) in the Netherlands.

Unique magazine Boemerang. Australia - The Netherlands > 400 years

6 October 2016

Four hundred years ago, the Dutch mariner, Dirk Hartog, commanding the VOC ship the Eendracht, made landfall on an island off the Western Australian coast. To celebrate this, the unique magazine Boemerang was published on 5 October 2016.

Maritime archaeologists to dive Dutch wreck the Rooswijk

9 September 2016

Over the next two weeks (5 September-15 September) Dutch and British maritime archaeologists will be carrying out a joint diving expedition at the Rooswijk wreck site off the coast of Britain. The Dutch East Indiaman (VOC) ship sank on the Goodwin Sands in Kent in January 1740 with a large cargo of silver ingots and coinage on board.

The Netherlands will protect the underwater cultural heritage

19 May 2016

The Netherlands will protect underwater cultural heritage by the ratification of the international UNESCO convention on the Protection the of Underwater Cultural Heritage. Minister Jet Bussemaker (Education, Culture and Science) and Minister Bert Koenders (Foreign Affairs) officially announced today that the Netherlands intent to ratify this treaty. This convention improves the protection of underwater cultural heritage through international cooperation worldwide.

Students trained in management of underwater heritage

16 June 2015

In Hoi An, the Ancient Town World Heritage Site in Vietnam, twenty students from six countries take part in the Vietnam Underwater Archaeology Training. From 15 June until 10 July 2015 the trainees and team leaders from Vietnam, Japan, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Australia and Philippines will be trained in management, research and protection of the underwater heritage. This also increases opportunities to manage and protect Dutch wrecks in foreign countries.

Australian archaeologists searching for 18th-century Dutch wreck

21 January 2015

Starting on 19 January a team of Australian archaeologists will be researching a number of Dutch East India Company shipwrecks in the Indian Ocean near Christmas Island and the Cocos Islands. This project, which will focus specifically on locating the wreck of the VOC ship De Fortuyn, is being supported by the Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands, the Dutch embassy in Canberra, and the Australian Silentworld Foundation.

New Publication: A Kaleidoscope of Gathering at Keinsmerbrug (the Netherlands).

12 December 2012

Late Neolithic Behavioural Variability in a Dynamic Landscape.

Symposium Van Gogh’s studio practice

11 July 2012

Amsterdam, 24-26 June 2013

A future for mills

4 July 2012

The Netherlands’ vision on how to deal with historic mills is attracting a great deal of attention abroad. Reason enough for the Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands to develop an English publication about Dutch mill policy.

The 13th International Symposium on Boat and Ship Archaeology is open for registration

28 June 2012

Researchers from all over the world will come together for the 13th International Symposium on Boat and Ship Archaeology in Amsterdam from 8 – 12 October 2012.