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Knowledge for Collections

The e-publication Knowledge for Collections is the result of 5 years research into the care and conservation of movable heritage carried out by the Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands.

Practical application

Through this publication, the Agency makes an important contribution to heritage conservation in the Netherlands and beyond. The research connects science with museum practice. Caretakers of collections in museums and other heritage organisations can make use of:

  • practical guidelines
  • advice on the management, conservation and (virtual) accessibility of collections
  • methods for valuation and collection risk-management for (individual) objects and/or collections

Moveable heritage research agenda

Knowledge for Collections presents the results and knowledge products of nearly 60 projects that were part of the Moveable Heritage Research Agenda 2008-2012. This agenda provides an integrated approach to collection management. Each of the five research programmes deals with the relationship between material, preservation, use, story and value of moveable heritage. To this end, multidisciplinary project teams of art and cultural historians, scientists and conservators collaborated carried out the research.