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Research and advice

Knowledge is our biggest asset.

The Cultural Heritage Agency

  • identifies the need for knowledge
  • gathers and validates data and information
  • programmes and performs research
  • uses new and existing knowledge when advising third parties

We employs a large number of experts.

The Agency also works closely with national and international research institutes and heritage organisations, allowing us to apply knowledge developed elsewhere, too.

Property owners, users, local and provincial authorities and commercial parties are kept informed of policy, legislation and developments in knowledge through meetings, courses and information days.


We perform research geared towards the practical application of knowledge. We translate practical questions into new research, and ensure that research ties in with current social issues.

Knowledge acquisition and research at the Agency are geared towards managing the heritage;they are not goal in themselves.

Advisory services

The Agency uses its research to advise others on how to manage the heritage in the best and most sustainable way.