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How can we best deal with the heritage?

This programme has two aims:

  • to redefine frameworks and principles for dealing with the heritage
  • to develop knowledge for the preservation of the heritage

More and more historic buildings are losing their original function. We want to cherish this part of our heritage, and guide it safely into a new future. Whereas in the past we were concerned solely with restoration, now we are focusing in some cases on restoration combined with transformation.

Responsibility for heritage management is coming increasingly to rest with local authorities. A survey by the heritage inspectorate has shown that smaller local authorities, in particular, need an advisory framework, and regard the Cultural Heritage Agency as the most suitable organisation to provide such a framework.

We also face a large number of gaps in our knowledge of the materials used in more recent architecture and in the post-war reconstruction period, and of the degradation of archaeological materials. Knowledge of materials is vital for conservation.

The programme will produce

  • a series of publications about the redevelopment of a number of categories of built heritage, such as churches, farms and water towers;
  • a publication and a database on stone used in 20th-century architecture;
  • guidelines on construction work and archaeological layers beneath building sites;
  • publications on metal finds in the ploughsoil

Outlines of the programme

  • Principles for advising on monuments and historic buildings
  • Knowledge of materials in recent architecture and the reconstruction period
  • Knowledge of the degradation of archaeological materials

Programme manager

Jacqueline von Santen: