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Heritage monitor

The Cultural Heritage Agency regularly collects data to enable the heritage to be ‘measured’. This gives us an idea of the impact of heritage policy and how the heritage is currently faring.

This programme is designed to produce a system for monitoring. The system will comprise a comprehensive set of indicators, data and methods to enable sustainable effect measurements.

‘Sustainable’ means that the system must work in the long term, and that the data must be constant and collected over several years in order to reveal developments, trends and effects. Data collection must also become a mainstream part of the work of the organisation(s) involved.

The Agency produced its first ‘National Heritage Review’ in 2009 to serve as a basis for revealing the effects of policy and developments in the heritage and heritage management. The heritage monitor will allow us to measure these effects and developments over the years. We produce a new review and outlook every five years.

Outlines of the programme

  • Effects of heritage policy
  • Effects of tools to support policy
  • Gaps in the knowledge
  • National Heritage Review and Heritage Monitor websites

Programme manager

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