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The government provides grants to encourage property owners to care for their historic building.

In the period 1995-2010 grants were made available to tackle a large backlog in restoration work on monuments and historic buildings. Currently, some 10% of monuments and historic buildings are in bad or poor condition. This is necessary in order to provide the market with work, to ensure that specialist knowledge is not lost. At the same time, however, it is important that this proportion is not allowed to increase as a result of inadequate maintenance or loss of function.

Historic building in a historic environment.

Maintenance and redevelopment

The government therefore has a permanent budget for the maintenance of scheduled monuments and historic buildings (amounting to almost 50 million euros a year), and to encourage redevelopment of disused historic buildings (2.4 million euros a year).


From 2012, the government will be investing 37 million euros a year in the restoration of scheduled monuments and historic buildings. The funding will be provided in the form of loans (17 million) and restoration grants (20 million) awarded by the provincial authorities.

The Cultural Heritage Agency administers three grant schemes:


The government has a guarantee scheme to facilitate special exhibitions and long-term loans of top items from collections in the Netherlands and other countries. The Dutch State covers part of the risk of damage and loss, thus considerably reducing the insurance premiums for museums.


This grant scheme applies to some 25,000 scheduled monuments and historic buildings that are not used for residential purposes (churches, castles, windmills, archaeological sites, parks etc.). It is intended for preventive, durable maintenance.


Redevelopment can be promoted by providing property owners and local and provincial authorities with financial support to help them find new uses for scheduled historic buildings, and to make disused properties wind- and watertight.