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Digital technology

Many parties are involved in heritage management. All these organisations have knowledge of the cultural heritage, whether it be academic knowledge, specialist knowledge, or operational knowledge based on practical experience.

The Cultural Heritage Agency aims to connect and combine this knowledge in a digital infrastructure.

This digital infrastructure is playing an increasing role in

  • the development and sharing of knowledge
  • the sharing of data and information
  • the management and accessibility of collections
  • the awarding of permits, licences and grants

Online products

Besides a digital environment, we also provide online tools and services, including:

  • a heritage monitor and heritage review
  • heritage databases
  • analogue and digital knowledge products
  • advice
  • scheduling monuments and historic buildings (register)
  • grant decisions
  • permits and licences
  • loans

Making collections accessible

The Agency also oversees the online accessibility of museum collections. It collates all the data and information on the Netherlands’ heritage for Europeana.