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National Depot for Ship Archaeology

The National Depot for Ship Archaeology in Lelystad contains a wealth of maritime finds.


The maritime collection at the National Depot for Ship Archaeology includes:

  • some 33,000 items
  • preserved and restored ships
  • 15 ships reburied below the water line in the outdoor depot at Nijkerk
  • model ships (including archaeological ships)
Part of the maritime collection at the National Depot for Ship Archaeology

Terrestrial and underwater collections

Our collection consists of two parts:

  • the terrestrial collection: some 23,000 items, mainly ships’ inventories and parts of ships excavated in Flevoland province and elsewhere (since the 1940s)
  • the underwater collection: around 10,000 items found thanks to systematic investigation of excavated wrecks in Dutch waters conducted since the 1980s

Entire collection photographed

The maritime finds from our terrestrial collection can be accessed online via our collection catalogue. The collection is also being photographed, and a picture of every item will eventually be available. Some of them can already be seen via ‘The Memory of the Netherlands’. 

Search the online catalogue

The titles of books, journals and naval engineers’ drawings can be found in the collection catalogue.

The Batavia Yard, with a replica of the Dutch East Indiaman Batavia, is situated next to the maritime repository in Lelystad.

The website has a map showing a selection of the 400 or so ships that used to sail the Zuyder Zee. they were found when the land was reclaimed to create the Flevopolder.