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Heritage management contractors


Both the Cultural Heritage Agency and the heritage sector as a whole are keen to ensure that the quality of restoration and preservation work is maintained and improved. The Agency therefore defines and publishes quality standards in collaboration with the sector.

These standards are based on the idea that quality is something that property owners, architects, building contractors and subcontractors achieve together. We provide all these parties with practical knowledge and examples of good practice. Our Restoration Quality programme focuses on standards and certification systems with which both public authorities and commercial parties must comply. This naturally also includes training for restoration specialists.

The Agency also drafts guidelines and sample specifications. The specifications provide a clear description of the materials and procedures that should be used when restoring monuments and historic buildings. The Agency and the restoration sector have an interest in ensuring that clear work specifications are used.

Archaeological agencies

The government has opened up the market for archaeological research and excavations to the private sector. The Agency supports commercial agencies, providing knowledge and advice.

We monitor the quality of the practical archaeological research performed by commercial agencies, provincial and local authority agencies, and universities. Where necessary, we draw up guidelines with the sector to improve the uniformity and quality of research.

We also provide advice on major infrastructural projects, and on monuments and historic buildings that enjoy statutory protection, as well as helping heritage management contractors draft research plans or specifications.