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Advisory services

Many parties are involved in managing the cultural heritage: property owners, civil society organisations, heritage management contractors, educational and research institutions, and public authorities.

All these parties need specialist knowledge to enable them to manage the heritage in a sound and sustainable way. The Cultural Heritage Agency supplies the knowledge required, often in the form of advice. Every situation requires a different kind of advice.

Sometimes parties are obliged by law to seek our advice, when they wish to make radical alterations to an historic building. A permit issued by the Agency is required for certain physical interventions affecting protected archaeological monuments. Obtaining prior advice from the Agency guarantees clear procedures.

The Agency also provides advice for private individuals who are planning to redevelop an historic building, to nature conservation groups about the management of barrows, for example, or to local authorities about their zoning plans.

Stakeholders can also consult the Agency’s publications for advice, or attend one of its courses or workshops.

The Agency regularly provides advisory services for:

  • Property owners
  • Public authorities
  • Heritage management contractors
  • Museums