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Who we are

The Cultural Heritage Agency is the Netherlands’ centre of expertise for heritage.

Heritage care is a public interest, for which government also takes responsibility. The Cultural Heritage Agency is an executive body of the Ministry for Education, Culture and Science. Its tasks go beyond merely preserving and protecting buildings, sites and works of art. Today, society devotes increasing attention to how cultural historical values can be given a place within spatial development plans and projects. Doing so ensures that we can give the future a – recognisable – past.

The Agency has a staff of over three hundred, including specialists in restoration, historical research, chemistry, law, art history, archaeology, urban planning, archiving... the list goes on. They are based at one of four locations. At the Agency’s head office in Amersfoort you will find advisors, researchers, and policy staff, as well as communications and information experts. There is also a large library which is open to the public. The extensive State Art Collection is managed from Rijswijk. In Amsterdam, our scientists work alongside their counterparts at the University of Amsterdam and the world famous Rijksmuseum, undertaking research to ensure that objects of art and design, books, archival documents and other objects of historical value can be preserved for posterity. Lelystad is home to the National Maritime Collection.

The Cultural Heritage Agency in figures

  • Locations: 4 (Amersfoort, Rijswijk, Amsterdam and Lelystad)
  • Yearly budget: over 35 million euros for the organisation and 80 million euros for subsidies
  • Staff: approx. 315 employees, plus over 100 internships each year