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About the Cultural Heritage Agency

Centre of expertise

The cultural heritage is vulnerable, particularly when sites are developed, or historic buildings are used for a new purpose.
The Cultural Heritage Agency therefore advises right from the planning stage on how to preserve valuable features, drawing on its own research.

The Agency identifies which elements of the heritage can best be preserved, and how we can best maintain them.

It employs experts in many fields: shipwrecks, or natural stone, Roman roadbuilding, video installations, plactics, to name but a few. We have been using this knowledge to protect the Netherlands’ valuable heritage since 1875.

Internationally, too, the Agency contributes a great deal to the knowledge of our heritage, inside and outside our country.


The Cultural Heritage Agency is part of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science.

It awards grants for monuments and historic buildings, archaeology and cultural landscapes, and implements the Monuments and Historic Buildings Act. The Agency takes action whenever the cultural heritage comes under threat.

It also manages the Register of Monuments and Historic Buildings, the National Depot for Ship Archaeologicy and Archis, the central archaeological information system.

It therefore maintains a complete overview of cultural heritage values throughout the entire country, dating from our very beginnings 350,000 years ago to the post-war reconstruction period.